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Wooden Checkers – 3D model on Top


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Wooden checkers (offered in Black Walnut, White Oak, Cherry, Maple) are for game pieces designed for playing checkers, also known as draughts, on a board or surface that is set up for the game. Custom 3D models can be carved on the top of the checker, a family name or custom design of your choice.

The checkers are made from high-quality wood, which has a deep, rich, and warm color with a distinctive grain pattern. The checkers are smooth and sanded to give them a sleek and elegant appearance. The smooth surface of the checkers makes them easy to move across the checkerboard.

Theses checkers will be durable and long-lasting. They have a standard size that fits perfectly on any checkerboard or surface that is designed for playing checkers. The weight and feel of the checkers are also well-balanced, making them easy to handle and move during the game.

Overall, the wooden checkers are a stylish and classic addition to any game collection. They are perfect for anyone who enjoys playing checkers and appreciates the beauty and quality of natural wood products.

24 Checkers (Pieces Only – BOARD NOT INCLUDED, sold separately) This is a full set, Light vs dark color wood.

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Black Walnut & Maple, Black Walnut & Cherry, Black Walnut & White Oak, Maple & Cherry, Cherry & White Oak

3D Model

Goose, Vegetables, Dog, Cat, Dog & Cat, Eagle, Letter(s), Custom


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