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Onefinity CNC Journeyman & QCW Frame – Waste board surfacing and Grid (Metric)


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These is a digital files file for the Onefinity CNC, model Journeyman X-50 with the QCW Frame. These can be used with regular t-tracks that are mounted to your table. (Metric)

SVG and CRV(VCarve) files included.

You will need to surface the MDF before cutting the grid and numbers.

Vectric VCarve and Pro version 11.x

The five sections, has two tool paths each. First is the Grid and the second is the numbers. Separate tool paths allow you to redo a single board when the time comes and not have to do all the boards.

The surfacing tool path is included. You will need to change to the tool selection.  I used the Amana 1.5″ surfacing end mill.

Next change to your v-bit. You will need to zero and set the ZYX to the front corner of first board on the left.  It may need to be done manually because the probe may register the tool path as over the limit. The Whiteside V-Bit (1550) (60 deg 0.5 inches) is the v-bit that was used.

The measurement between the tracks is 8.875”. Onefinity instructions for the QCW Frame manual says 8.75” as what the boards should be cut. The grid on the boards accounts for the if you wanted to cut it to exactly 8.875”.

Also have included the SVG file.
Please do not share or repost this file online.


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