Custom Woodworking Shop


Hello and Welcome

little about this site & shop, I stated down this path wanting to find something more to do and I have always like working with wood. Here in western New York we have a lot or resources for wood, it helps makes is just a little easier to make that special item. Combining the precision of modern technology with the time-honored techniques of traditional woodworking. Utilizing cutting-edge laser CNC technology alongside skilled hands wielding traditional tools, I bring together innovation and heritage to create stunning pieces.

Every item I create something is a testament to my love for crafting unique pieces and personalized gifts. Joy lies in fashioning items that tell a story, items that are more than just wood and craftsmanship—they’re a manifestation of creativity and individuality. Looking forward to creating many wonderful items, like a sign or a 3D carving. So if you have an idea for something you want created let me know. Will be adding more products and designs to the product page. Always keep checking the Facebook and Instagram for new things that I am working on.

Whether it’s a custom-designed furniture piece, intricately carved decor, or personalized gifts, I’m dedicated to bringing your vision to life through the warmth and elegance of wood.

Thank you for visiting my page.

Fank Porcella Jr.